Movie Review – Captain America: The First Avenger

9 Aug

I’m not a massive superhero movie fan. I don’t love comic books, Marvel vs DC is not a topic that can get me debating. I however have been entertained in more recent years by superhero movies. Iron Man 1 was quite good, Dark Knight was fantastic (but to be honest that’s by Christopher Nolan, I don’t classify it as the normal ‘popcorn-y’ superhero movie. I loved the more recent X-Men: First Class and it was a very entertaining movie. That’s what’s essential about a superhero movie. It has to be entertaining. It has to captivate the audience, it has to enthral the viewer. Captain America tried to do these things and quite frankly failed.

Captain America stars Chris Evans playing the titular role but in the beginning of the story starts with him being known as Steve Rogers. Steve tries to join the army but of course he can’t get in because he’s too short and skinny but kind German professor (played by Stanley Tucci) Dr. Abraham Erksine has faith in him. Through various tests Steve shows that he is a loyal and kind person. Now before I continuing going into what the plot is about, let me just say that I thought that the audience would get a no matter what your size is, you have courage sort of moral but that’s what we don’t get and what annoys me. Steve signs up to be in this research project that injects this hard drug into him that gives him height and turns him into a more muscular build. So, what bugs me the most is that the guy is really not popular and is made fun of when he’s skinny and if you’ve seen the movie or plan on it you know what I mean when I say this, he uses this thing about not going dancing because he can’t find a partner but he finds a partner in the end because he turns into a guy from a Gucci advert (Chris Evans is a Gucci perfume model). Essentially the message becomes if you become taller and more muscular you can get a dance partner.

Once Captain America is ‘born’ is where the movie starts to trip. It becomes really dull. There is no attempt at emotion whatsoever and we get action scene after action scene before a little bit of a story is attempted between the brother character. The plot isn’t something that you expect to be perfect in a superhero movie but this is pretty pathetic.


To mention visual effects, the director Joe Johnston has previously won an Oscar for his work on the final Star Wars movie. They are impressive but of if they weren’t I’d be pretty angry. As for the 3D it’s non-existent and an incredibly pointless post production job.

In a superhero movie what is vital for it to work is a good villain, look what made Dark Knight so invisible. Red Skull is completely the opposite and one of the most boring villains I have ever seen.

To be honest, I see this as the last instalment of trailers for the Avengers movie which comes out next year. It’s pinned as being the ultimate superhero movie with all the Marvel characters coming together. If you’re looking for a superhero movie that will entertain you I wouldn’t recommend it, if you didn’t mind Green Lantern then maybe this is for you but personally I was really, really disappointed with this.

Score: 2.5/5

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