The Killing – Danish Version

10 Aug

I wanted to do this quick post here to say that I just started to watch The Killing (Danish Version) on DVD last night and I love it! It’s paced extraordinarily well, it’s directed perfectly and to be honest not much has happened but I love it. It’s very subtle to, not so overdone but I am hooked! Rented the first disc last night and thoroughly recommend that if you haven’t seen it that you rent it now! I am a sucker for scandinavian/nordic crime fiction and this is one that’s done excellently. Of course, The US have copied it but I’ve heard good things about it but I don’t know if it will live up to the Danish one. It is on AMC which is promising and it’s nominated for 5 Emmy’s (Mad Men, Breaking Bad) so I’ll check that one out later. What I don’t understand is that the Danish one is just one series of 20 episodes and that’s it but the American one has 13 episodes but is coming back for another season? Did Season 1 end on a cliffhanger? What I do know is that The Killing is all I’ll be watching this week.

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