Day 6 Mercury Prize – Everything Everything – Man Alive

11 Aug

Indie Rock has previously been quite a success at the Mercury’s with a decline in the amount of the nominees being in that genre this year. Everything Everything is one of those in the pack who are of the Indie Rock genre. It seems like it can fit in your collection along with this year’s The Naked and Famous’ record Passive Me, Aggressive You.

Man Alive, their debut album, actually came out last year but in the month of August, qualifying it for this years prize. They were listed on BBC’s Sound of 2010 poll which in recent years is becoming a good indication of a possible nomination or not. Peaking at number 17 on the UK Album Charts the album has done quite well both commercially and critically with generally positive reviews for it.

The record opens on My Kz Ur Bf which gives the perfect summary of this band, with a more modernised 80’s guitar feel and a bit more Art Rock than Indie Rock with exuberant riffs that make this band instantly approachable. What I think works about this band is that it doesn’t feel too forced nor too copied. When I heard Qwerty Finger for the first time I instantly wanted to get tickets to see them live. They’re fun, catchy and buoyant.

Schoolin’ shows their understanding of the music that they’re doing. They understand the flow and the feeling. It feels at this point like it’s Two Door Cinema Club meets previously mentioned The Naked and Famous. Leave the Engine Room then makes it feel a bit La Roux-esque with it being a bit slower and a bit more heavy on the vocals. So far, a very enjoyable record. Final Form and Photoshop Handsome (great song title by the way) has a great vibe and it’s a song that urges you to buy the LP now. You’ll want it.

Two For Nero shows that lead singer Jonathan Higgs can do a very good high voice and can sing. These guys understand their music and they’re not selling it for anything else than what it is. Suffragette Suffragette is a bit more rock-y and it’s very upbeat and involving with the riffs which puts it very much into your head. NASA is on Your Side is the song that reminds you of a Yeah Yeah Yeahs track and really gets you into the band. By now if you don’t like them, I don’t get why you can’t but if you don’t your mind can’t be changed.

Tin (The Manhole) is a bit more soft and shows more difference in the band’s repertoire. Leaving the album is Weights which finishes the record quite well.

All in all, I think that this is a really enjoyable album. Sure, it’s not a masterpiece but it’s a very good CD to have in your collection. For the Mercury? Not sure it’s that good but it’s a CD you should buy for a fiver.

Score: 8/10

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