Day 7 Mercury Prize – Ghostpoet – Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam

12 Aug

Ghostpoet is one more artist to the group this year that is of the electronic or more urban genre that they’ve been including a lot more in recent years. Supporting fellow nominee on their 2011 tour Metronomy, Ghostpoet is not Tinie Tempah hip-hop though the picture on the cover of the CD may give you that impression. I believe that this guy isn’t for someone like me but not exactly a bad artist. Just not for me. Yes, my least favourite of the pack is still Adele.

One Twos / Run Run Run tells you instantly that this guy is different. It’s not quite grime (which I detest, not hate, detest, in fact loath, which one’s worse?) but it’s not Metronomy synth. It’s different and there is a vision. What that vision is, I’m not quite sure. It’s not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination but hey, it’s not bad. Us Against Whatever feels like SBRKT but reworked. It’s a bit Sci-Fi as in Lost (the show) sic-fi and now I’m coming to the point that I did on my James Blake review (also shortlisted). I’m just not getting it. It’s not exactly catchy either.

Finished I Aint has got me to the point where I release I actually don’t like this album. I can praise it for its unique-ness. It tries to create too many ‘clever’ lyrics and rhymes but it’s not exactly Oscar Wilde is it? Longing For The Night (Yeah Pause) gives me a feeling that this guy knows how this music works but with all these techno patterns in the background that makes it feel kind of eerie, it also makes it feel like he’s got a load of loops on Logic Pro and then paired them with a couple beats made on the spot.

I Just Don’t Know is a bit more Swedish House Mafia with some space-y sounds layered on top. I’m kind of bored by this point. This record just seems a bit… bad? Maybe not bad, but not my music. I don’t like it. You might though. The Melodies on Survive It make you feel a bit out of it but for the first time it’s actually a bit catchy. Not for the billboard but catchier than everything else on the LP.

By the time Gaaasp plays I have a bit of a headache. This is far too repetitive, and I’m just a bit too sick of it to be honest. It’s not a hip-hop album unless we mention Cash so then comes Cash and Carry Me Home which sounds like something else on the album. It’s all blending into one vortex now.

Garden Path comes next and has an incredibly irritating chorus ‘don’t follow, follow, follow, follow, follow me’ ugh. I’m done. Oh wait, two more songs. Really? It seems like this guy has done all he can. Liiines at least mixes it up making it a bit more bold, and feels like we’re getting somewhere. It’s not good yet though. Floating then ends the record (finally) and makes me feel like I’ve been underwater the whole time listening to the album but finally I’m floating.

I’m sure if you listen to Radio 1xtra and listen to Grime, DnB and all that then you love it. For me, I once again do not understand the hype. It’s fairly monotonous and really annoying. Perhaps you’ll disagree though.

Score: 5/10

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