Why 3D Concert Movies Are Pathetic

15 Aug

The Glee 3D Concert Movie starts in the UK next week which really annoys me. So yes, Glee annoys me. I used to watch the first season, I’ll admit it, but by the second half I had stopped watching every week. I found it boring, cheesy, repetitive and far too false. But there was that golden time when Glee was very different and quite impressive but that’s off topic. The cast of Glee cast went on tour around the world to get some more money essentially, I’ve heard from friends that if you like Glee it was a pretty good concert but from footage they showed me it looked pretty bad. I hate the show though, so that’s probably not the best indicator.

There we go, the rant about Glee is done. The fact that it’s a a Glee concert movie isn’t the bit that annoys me, it’s the fact that it’s a 3D concert movie. That’s why I’m annoyed. First of all it’s the employment of the gimmick of 3D. I’m not saying all 3D is bad but the way that almost every movie is using it these days is unnecessary and truly a money ploy. Avatar did what the technology was supposed to do and that is to immerse you in the film’s world.

Glee isn’t the first band (I suppose that’s what they are) to do this. Justin Bieber, JLS, Kylie Minogue, Black Eyed Peas, Jonas Brothers, U2 and many other bands are now doing this. What these bands are doing are saying ‘We’re a big band with number ones and the tour’s tickets are selling pretty well. So, why don’t we make some more by hiring a couple 3D filmmakers and make some more’. The sad thing is that they’re succeeding at this.

Due to the more expensive tickets for 3D films, they make more than the average 3D. These movies cost nothing to make because they’re going to perform anyway, so why not pay a little extra to get it filmed? They don’t have to rehearse any more than they do already. I’m going to use the case of Justin Bieber which made just under $100,000,000 which is not exactly shooting for Avatar records but it’s pretty respectable especially for a movie with a production budget of only $13 million dollars. That’s around $87 million dollars in profit. That means that they’ve all just earned themselves a pretty decent bonus.

A lot of teens aren’t the concert going types but they will meet up to go to the movies. What these 3D concert movies do is just get rid of the expensive barriers warding teens away from going to the concerts themselves (yes, some teens go, but not all go regularly is my point) and the advertisers shove it down their throats that they will feel like they’re there because it’s 3D, which it doesn’t.

To concluded this rather long rant, I think that these 3D concert films are a pathetic ploy to make that bit more money and it really bothers me that not only our our screens being filled up with stid blockbusters like Cowboys vs Aliens but these petty marketing schemes. Concert movies, I get, but not the way that they’re trying to play them nowadays.

2 Responses to “Why 3D Concert Movies Are Pathetic”

  1. Ted the B August 17, 2011 at 10:31 am #

    I could not agree more. Thank goodness it is done and may it go the same way as many other similar pieces that seek to portray themselves as musicals. This never was nor should it ever have been allowed to see the light of day beyond the pilot episode.

    • aculturedlad August 17, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

      Totally agree. Well maybe not the pilot episode, after four 😛 I saw the first few then found it the most incessant, annoying thing around. I think they’re not struggling though. The ratings of viewers in America are so big that I can’t see a cancellation in sight. The issue is that this is a high school show. These types of shows are hard to try and continue due to the fact that they have to leave soon. Perhaps it’ll go down The O.C. route? Though i did read on twitter that just because three of the central characters will graduate doesn’t mean the show will end but we’ll see how viewers respond!

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