Day 12 Mercury Prize – Tinie Tempah – Disc-Overy

17 Aug

My Mercury Prize series is coming to a close! Whilst this is the final nomination that I am reviewing this isn’t my last Mercury Related post. I will do one tomorrow summing it all up including who I want to win and who will win. So the last guy that’s up for my harsh scrutiny is Tinie Tempah. Oh dear. Like, I’ve stated before, there are some acts when reviewing you don’t like but you have to be open minded. I find that impossible with Tinie Tempah.

Tinie Tempah has come out with this debut Disc-Overy and is apparently genius according to some friends of mine who love Tinie Tempah and the hip-hop/grime scene. Previously mentioned on my blog, this year has been a very big success for bringing underground music such as grime and dubstep to the mainstream. Tinie Tempah has clearly progressed from his first mix tape in 2007 to this debut studio album that went 2x Platinum in the UK. Now with a sellout show in The o2 Arena, I think that Tinie’s done quite good for himself.


The album opens with an Introduction which shows the over manicured feel of this song. I think that this is disgusting that this is passed off as music. I’m going to get ‘hate’ for this probably but this is awful. Sure, the guy can rhyme fast but there is no writing talent up for show here and the production is over done and there is no brainwork used at all in this song or most of the album for that matter. Simply Unstoppable does that incredibly annoying technique of having a slow bass that hits the track every four bars until the chorus where it gets interesting and then gets into a repetitive trance when another singer (usually a woman) belts out a chorus. Let’s fact it, most people had Love The Way You Lie for one reason, Rihanna’s chorus. Most people.

Pass Out was number 1 on the UK charts for way too long and is the most dull song I have ever heard. The chorus sounds atrocious and the rhymes are cringe worthy, ‘I used to listen to you, don’t wanna bring arms house, I got so many clothes I keep some in my aunt’s house’. Illusion reflects his time in the US and how that effected some of his production and especially his beats. There’s a bit more of a motion in term of the backing track until the slow whatever the hell happens in the chorus. This music is so damn repetitive.

Once Just a Little plays I feel like I might have pressed repeat on my iPod but no the same thing is done here. The chorus jingly sound in the back is the most annoying thing. Ugh, I hate this album. Yes, hate is a strong word, I know. Snap feels slightly different which is refreshing with a less in-your-face sound. Thank goodness. It’s a bit more textured but there still isn’t much depth in here.

Tinie Tempah made his mark in the US with his hit Written in the Stars which once again displays the shocking rhymes on this album at its worst. Sure, it’s catchy but it’s way too processed and overdone. I hate it. Once again the word hate has been used. The next song is quite simply disgusting (not just because of the lyrics but also at how bad this piece of you know what is) and plain shameful. Repetitive is the only word I can use for this song and the whole album. Miami 2 Ibiza is my favourite song on the track by not because of Tinie but because of the fun dance tune that’s given to it by the Swedish House Mafia.

Obsession is a bit more dippy and seems like there’s a lot less work into it. One of my many gripes with this LP is that there is no emotion no involvement from the artist with it. It’s so shallow. Invincible probably has the catchiest chorus on the whole album due to Kelly Roland but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as incredibly redundant as some of the other ones. Wonderman featuring the lovely Ellie Goulding (at her worst here) and is not nearly as catchy and so bland and uninspired. The album finally comes to a close (phew) with let go featuring Emili Sande. The same formula has been used over here and I have nothing more to say here. This is so awful, honestly, that bad.

I hate this album, I hate the music, the sound, the lyrics, the direction and everything about it. There’s no depth to it and there’s just over produced beats on the surface to glaze over the fact that they’re just trying to get more teenagers to buy it. If this wins I will be horrified and will have no more respect for the Mercury Prizes ever again.

Score: 2/10

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