Mercury Prize 2011 Summary

18 Aug

So my 12 day series about the Mercury Prize for Best Album has come to a close. I’ve reviewed all 12 of the nominees but want to do this one post to sort of sum up who I want to win and who will win.

Personally I would love to see elbow win. I know that they probably won’t but to be honest it’s my favourite album of the pack and I love the record’s feel. It’s upbeat, generous and loving. PJ Harvey’s album is pure brilliance and I think that has a great shot at the prize and I would love for it to win. Anna Calvi is the dark horse if you ask me, I really enjoyed her entry and think she actually has a good shot at it.

Adele has been a massive success this year (unfortunately) and if you saw my review, you’ll know that I hated 21. It’s dull and there’s nothing fresh about it. The Mercury’s aren’t like the Oscars in the sense that the Oscars are not the critics. The Mercury’s are and don’t get me wrong, critics liked 21 but they didn’t love it. So I don’t know whether it will win. I hope Tinie Tempah and Katy B don’t win as well as Ghostpoet. Metronomy actually have a good shot at it. They’ve become more known this year and I think that the album’s quite decent.

In short, I’m happy to see elbow, Anna Calvi, PJ Harvey or Metronomy win. Perhaps Adele will snap it up but I hope not!

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