One (perfect) Day – Premiere!

24 Aug

Yesterday I had gone to see The Inbetweeners movie (review to follow) and I had a really good time in the morning watching that and going out. I was heading home but then got a text from two friends of mine saying that they were at Westfield and the stars of One Day would come out in half an hour. I immediately rushed to go and was extremely excited. Of course, I had to go home and get my book first because I wanted to get that signed but I had lent mine to a friend. However, in May a friend of mine went on a trip to America and knows that I love the American printing. The paper is better, the spines are flexible and can’t get creased. Geeky, I know, but it’s a fact of life. American books are way better.


I grabbed the book took the tube down and finally met up with my friends who had been there for two hours. They got me a space and there was one of the event managers in front of us. He saw that we were big fans (we are, we LOVE this book) because we all had the book. He took us and seventeen others who were big fans into the circle in the middle of the red carpet!! There was a gated circle in the middle and we got in!!!

The best bit for me was that I only had to wait about 25 minutes. We got so excited when stars started coming out. This was our first premiere so we were the only ones shouting like maniacs at Jane Goldman when she came out and we got her autograph! At first we got loads of random people coming over. We got four people from the Made in Chelsea cast (Binky, Cheska, Gabriella and Francis Boulle). Two of the others didn’t bother (Millie and Agne) signing anyones and then Funda came by. We were calling her over and she just turned around a blew us a kiss. We were annoyed.

To cheer us up, Jim Sturgess came by! He signed all of our books and was really nice to us. David Nicholls (author of the book and the screenwriter for the movie) signed all of our books, talked to us and took a picture with us! It was incredible! Edith Bowman was presenting the whole time and invited the stars to come up on stage to get interviewed. We didn’t pay much attention to that to be honest we were concentrating on yelling at people!

Lone Scherfig (director of this and An Education) came by and we lost it. She signed all of the books as well. The cameramen kept coming to us because we all had different covers so they put us on the screen which was quite exciting. This is all very shallow, I know, but we’d never been to a premiere before and this was the One Day premiere! Not just some blockbuster, One Day, the book that’s on our favourite of all time list.

Jodie Whittaker signed our books and that was our last signature from someone in the movie. We then got Dermot O’Leary’s autograph (didn’t matter much to me, nor did the Made in Chelsea people but it was fun to get them). The icing on the cake came next.

One of the security people came over and said that they had around twenty tickets to give out to give to the premiere and that they were going to give them to people in the circle but they might not have enough for everyone. He came back and as soon as he did everyone started a stampede. We got the last three tickets and time stood still for a minute. We couldn’t believe our luck throughout this day.

My friends went to the loo and outside was Georgia King! She’s in the movie, she chatted to me, signed all of our books and was so kind!

We went upstairs and got into the cinema and saw the whole movie but before it started we got our gift bags courtesy of The Times. It was pretty rubbish, we got a newspaper, a notepad and a pencil. We did get free Vitamin Water and Minstrels which was great! Before the film started the director, writer and all of the actors came out and each said a few words before the movie started.

The movie was fantastic and lived up to expectations and of course the review will come shortly!

3 Responses to “One (perfect) Day – Premiere!”

  1. lizziestack August 24, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    You are generally the luckiest person ever, this sounds amazing, I need to read One Day and see the film and the inbetweeners movie, I just can’t get over how amazing your day was, all those autographs, seats in a premiere, freebies. Wow!

    • aculturedlad August 24, 2011 at 6:25 pm #

      Haha, I felt it! It was so much fun! Forgive me for sounding like a breathless teenage girl, I was just recounting my excitement with enthusiasm! Please, please, please read it! That’s why I was so excited, I love all of David Nicholls’ work. Definitely read it before you see the film.

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