Anton Corbjin: Inwards and Onwards – Exhibition

28 Aug

Upon seeing an advert for this exhibition whilst sitting at a cafe, I wanted to go. I love Corbjin’s photography and all of the music videos he has done are visually stunning with a standout being Talk by Coldplay. Sure, The American wasn’t the best movie ever but it was decent and the photography was superb. All of the pieces can be seen in his book of the same name, but it’s nice to see them in the flesh and to walk through and around them. I bought a poster of the following one showing Gerhard Richter, and there is a lot to get at the museum’s shop.


There are a lot of incredible photos with my favourites including that of Arcade Fire (as well as a separate one of Win and Régine), Bruce Springsteen, PJ Harvey, Tom Waits and many more. There’s something really amazing about the way that Corbjin captures the subjects facial expression so vividly without adding too much drama or intensity to the shot. The pictures are very unique and there’s a lot to see in each one.

I really enjoyed this exhibition (hence the need to write a little post about it) and the rest of the museum. There were a lot of other great exhibitions such as the Showroom Girls and Continuity of Chaos plus the standard collection.

2 Responses to “Anton Corbjin: Inwards and Onwards – Exhibition”

  1. gerald rosso August 28, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

    Good posting. I saw this on Saturday and was blown away (and I did not visit he coffee shop nearby)!!

    • aculturedlad August 29, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

      Thanks for the comment!

      It’s incredible isn’t it? I’ve had to edit the post because I don’t want people think that I went to that kind of coffee shop…

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