Album Review: Bombay Bicycle Club – A Different Kind of Fix

1 Sep

Bombay Bicycle Club have really done well for themselves since 2007. It was in that year that NME named them the ‘hottest band to come from North London for quite some time’. Well that’s definitely something to get hype going. The band have seen a lot of success and something that I think the band have earned. They started seeing success mainly at Reading and Leeds festival (a festival they’ve just played and have appeared there a couple times) and they started to get recognised. Soon after, they released I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose and I loved it. The album is near perfect and you can tell they’re extremely talented and creative. Always Like This, Evening/Morning, Dust on the Ground and more were great songs and if you haven’t checked out this band yet, you really should.

I think I’ve made the message clear. I really, really, really like this band. Flaws was their very good but different acoustic album that displayed their more musical side. It was announced in September 2010 that the band was working on their third record which has finally arrived. It’s lived up to expectations.

The record kicks off on How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep and it’s incredible. It really got me into the feel of this album and it made me remember why I like the band so much. The lyrics leave just as much of an impression as always and the atmosphere is built very well here. Bad Timing is a lot more melodic and I really like it. It’s a song that works very well. At this point it seemed to me that the bare bones of the LP are there and are constructed with a lot of precision.

The guitar riff on Your Eyes is insanely catchy and something that you’ll flock too very easily. It’s a song that shows that the four know what they’re doing. They’re so good!!! Lights Out, Words Gone combines the feel of both of the albums and shows their poetic side and that there is a lot of substance to these guys. The vocals are incredibly soothing and a song that you can play at any time. I think they deserve a lot of credit that they’re getting.

The production on Take the Right One in feels endearingly vintage to me and flows like water down a lake. Smooth and beautiful. Shuffle was the first single off the album, being released in late June and has been one of my most played songs this summer. Love it! Upbeat, catchy and fun! This song should get you on the band.

The progression on Beggars is done very well. It’s calm when it needs to be but throws you back into a more vigorous drum beat without being too over the top. Leave It exhibits their two different sounds and how they can master both of the sounds very well. They are a very accomplished group slotting into the Alternative selection very snuggly.

Fracture is a bit more of a new sound from the band. The evolvement of the tingly feeling of the guitar is very lasting and it works very nicely. I can’t criticise anything on this album, only compliment it over and over. What You Want continues this new sound and the vocals are more deep and not so overbearing but it’s a good mix. Sounds more like Arctic Monkeys but in a good way.

The best song on the album in my opinion is Favourite Day and is a bit more anthemic with fantastic transitions on the drum. The harmonies on Still concludes the album very nicely and it doesn’t feel too forced. It reminds me of the chemistry on The Horror’s album Skying. It’s mixed to perfection.

This is an impressive album. One you definitely have to own and I really like it. Their best album. By far. It’s floaty but not too light that it’s poppy. Incredible. I’ve got tickets to go see them live and I advise you buy some too! These guys are not letting the success go to their heads and the album feels like there is more effort put in than ever.

Score: 9/10

2 Responses to “Album Review: Bombay Bicycle Club – A Different Kind of Fix”

  1. markgorman September 25, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    I agree. It’s one of the albums of the year and a certainty for next year’s mercury prize long list.

    • aculturedlad September 28, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

      Thanks for the comment!

      I hope so! They’re a really talented group and there are some really great tracks on the album.

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