Mercury Prize Winner

7 Sep

I’m sure you’ve noticed, if you’ve read my blog before, that I have paid close attention the prestigious Mercury Prize. Among the nominees I had two 10/10 albums. The first was Elbow’s joyous record build a rocket boys! and the second was PJ Harvey’s masterpiece Let England Shake. Many people had the latter down to win, including me. I had Polly down as well as Metronomy or Anna Calvi.

The show was very smooth and there were some great performances. The best one in my opinion was Elbow’s, setting a perfect mood on the show. You must’ve heard by now that Adele was sick and has cancelled some tour dates and that didn’t bother me at all, something that won’t surprise you if you read my review for 21.

It was finally revealed that the incredible, inspiring PJ Harvey won the Mercury Prize. This is her second win with her first one being in 2001 with Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea. She’s now set two records, her first album to win was the first album to be won by a female solo act and Let England Shakes marks the first time that an act has won more than once. Last time, Harvey couldn’t attend the show because it took place on September 11, 2001 whilst she was in New York. This time she could attend and gave a gracious speech in which she thanked all the people who thanked her during the production of the album and referenced the fact that she couldn’t attend the show last time and how her day was last time because of the 9/11 attacks. She then said ‘This album took me a long time write. It was very important to me, I wanted to make something that was meaningful not just for myself but for other people, hopefully to make something that would last.’

Congratulations to Polly!

By the way, I have not abandoned this blog even though I haven’t posted for 5 days. Like I stated, I’m toning down the amount of posts I do per week! Don’t want to bombard people!

2 Responses to “Mercury Prize Winner”

  1. Sonia September 8, 2011 at 6:50 pm #

    Your posts are great cultured lad. So is the frequency. Keep it up.

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