Happy Endings – Show Premiere

14 Sep

ABC aired this new show as a mid season filler and it got a lot of mixed reception. Many said that it brought nothing new to the Relationship sitcom formula but after a while it grew on them. It has been renewed for a second season (the second relationship to do so in the same time frame, the other being Mike & Molly) and reflects on the relatively good ratings that it got, especially if you consider the time of year that it was showed on. It’s only just started airing over here in the UK last Thursday but I only got a chance to check it out last night.

The show revolves around a group of friends (think How I Met Your Mother and yes, Friends) who live in Chicago, not New York unlike the other mentioned relationship sitcoms. The group of six is put in an awkward position when the two who brought the group together break up. In fact, she leaves him at the altar, in the first scene. They agree to remain friends but we can anticipate that there will be complications ahead of them and the rest of the group.

First-time writer David Caspe does a good job of including good one-liners and memorable quotes but sometimes fails to keep an audience interested. There is a good mix of characters and they show how the programme has a bit more substance to it than Friends or HIMYM. You can see that there is a bit more of a plot exhibited and perhaps just a better concept. It doesn’t impress you straight away and it’s not a pilot that immediately gets you hooked on the show. However, potential is shown and there could be a clear direction for it to go in. The actors might be known to some from TV shows such as SNL, 24 and Scrubs. They’re not incredible but they do their characters well and we get a sense of their personality and a bit more than whether they’re the dumb one, the sporty one etc.

It’s an interesting show. It proved to be a good pick up for me. It kept me entertained but it wasn’t anything extraordinary. Give it a go, you might like it. I’ll have to wait for a couple more episodes for a proper feel of it but it’s a solid pilot.

Score: 3/5

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