One Man, Two Guvnors – Play Review

17 Sep

One of the best things about going to the theatre is that it provides a good night out and can be quality entertainment. This play does that. It provides a great night out.

Richard Bean has adapted the 1753 play Arlecchino servitore di due padroni which translates to The Servant of Two Masters. The basic plot is the same but scenes have been changed, added and modified to perfection. This play is fantastic! The story follows James Corden playing Francis Henshall, a man who is serving a woman who is disguised as a man (which of course, no one knows). She has returned home to her father disguised as her brother who they had believed to have been murdered. She’s looking for her lover who in fact did murder her brother. Francis then begins to serve for the murderer named Stanley who is a very typical upper-class, boarding school man. It’s all presented much like The Comedy of Errors where no one knows everyone else’s identity but the plot is by no means boring and is carried out with A LOT of humour.

Nicholas Hytner who has been the artistic director at the National Theatre since 2003 and has directed several plays before including Miss Saigon and The History Boys (both film and stage versions) so he’s worked with Corden before. Hytner knew what he wanted to do with this show and he did it. There’s a great visual comedy that comes across with old-fashioned over the top reactions and facial expressions as well as movement and more. Characters are developed very well and each add their own touch of comedy to the mix.

James Corden was born to play Francis Henshell. He’s brilliant! His facial expressions are spot-on as are his physical movement. His voice is perfect and his stage presence is definitely there. I can’t fault him! He isn’t going to be there for some nights and whilst it’s still a great show you have to see him in it!

The rest of the cast are funny too. Oliver Chris plays his Toff Chap role extremely well and every single one of his Yah, yah’s will make you laugh. Daniel Rigby plays his character of an aspiring actor so well that he will have you in stitches! His characterisation is superb and you an see that he is definitely a rising star.

There’s music, but it’s not a musical, there’s a band in-between scene changes, who are very good. It’s slapstick with one joke coming at you right after the other without being cheesy. It’s funny! It’s a darn funny show!

I love it! You have to book a ticket! I can’t sing its praises enough. It’s a great night out and a pretty hilarious show! You won’t remember laughing so hard in ages!

Score: 5/5


2 Responses to “One Man, Two Guvnors – Play Review”

  1. Buddy September 29, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    I was meant to see that tonight but I’m sick 😦

    • aculturedlad September 30, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

      That’s a shame! The National Theatre are really efficient with refunds so try and get a refund and the buy tickets for another night. You need to see this show!

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