Album Review: Bjork – Biophilia

15 Oct

I wanted to give this album a good listen before I jumped into reviewing it because it’s an extraordinarily broad record that needs a lot of proper ‘listening’. Now I’m ready to write about it.

This is the first iPad album to ever be released. It’s also partially recorded on an iPad. The album has an app that you buy the songs in and then ‘play along’ with it. You tilt and turn and go through abstract shapes and landscapes. That’s not how I personally experienced the album, I was too boring, I just listened to it normally. If it’s meant to be better on the app then I’m going to have to buy it because this album is very impressive.

Biophilia doesn’t stray far from what Bjork is used to. The sounds are very chemical, atmospheric and pure. Her voice is as soft and harmonic as ever and her control is something most singers can aspire to achieve. The first two songs, Moon and Thunderbolt, welcome you into the nature inspired theme of the album and assure you that the old Bjork is still around. Tracks such as Virus and Crystalline display her new sounds and the method of blending the tunes. It’s something that looks as if a lot of thought has gone into it and works. The album works.

Not only does the album work but it progresses steadily and is easy to follow. There’s a beginning, middle and end which tell a story perfectly. Hollow and Sacrifice go down a quitter, darker route but they provide that portion of the story that is required.

This album is stunning. Creatively speaking, it is very advanced and done in such a way that it isn’t attention seeking or a fad that will be forgotten.

Score: 9/10

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