Bombay Bicycle Club Live

21 Oct

I was lucky enough to get tickets to Bombay Bicycle Club tickets over the summer to a show that was on this Wednesday. Let me say, I was incredibly excited to go but this lived up to all expectations. I’ve been a fan for a couple years now but after that show I think I like them even more than before.





Jack Steadman and co. Have really gathered fans well and it showed in the crowd. Staging was done to show those heads from the A Different Kind of Fix (their most recent and my favourite of their albums) cover. Instruments were spaced nicely for the band and nobody tried to outdo anyone else.

Lucy Rose, girlfriend to front man and guest vocalist on A Different Kind of Fix, was the first support act and had some really enthusiastic fans backing her. I’m a fan of the two songs I’ve heard and seeing her live makes me more interested in her music. She seems to have a Laura Marling vibe but definitely less folk-y and acoustic. I don’t want to compare her to them just because she was supporting them, but yes, a more Bombay Bicycle Club sound is in there.






Unfortunately, her sound mixers didn’t do her justice at all and really ruined some of the tracks. The feedback on a couple of them was way too overbearing and it was hard to hear details from the rest of the band. Though she came across really well and some good music and talent was put on display. I’m keeping an eye on her for sure.

Dry The River took to the stage next and the sound quality definitely improved (still not great though). The music didn’t. I thought I had heard a couple of songs by them on Radio 6 but it must have been a different artist because that was disgusting. To me, it came across as a bad My Chemical Romance rip off and the band came across as quite an arrogant group of people. Songs sounded exactly the same with the most annoying riffs and drumbeats and the whiniest and grainiest of voices to go over it. In short, they sounded like a horrible high school band.

As soon as a small sound can be heard of that insanely catchy pattern on Shuffle can be heard, the crowd is excited and the band has come on. They’ve got the crowd in the mood and they sound better than on record. All issues with sound have been fixed.  Bombay Bicycle Club are amazing.

Lucy Rose joins them on stage for songs off of their newest record and her guest vocals on that outstanding track Lights Out, Words Gone add a lot to the song. Your Eyes, Dust On The Ground and Leave It get the crowd into the music and hits keep on coming. There is no dilly dally between songs and we simply move onwards. Something that some might say is rushed but it was the perfect pace for their music. They play a couple tracks off Flaws, Ivy and Gold as well as Rinse Me Down which go down really well. Stuff like Evening/Morning, Lamplight and Magnet remind you why you like them and also made me really feel like this was a concert worth going too.

Always Like This and What If end the show really well and the audience are happy. This was a show that made you realise that this is a band that have a lot more in store. I can’t recommend their music enough and seeing them live.

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2 Responses to “Bombay Bicycle Club Live”

  1. colincarman October 22, 2011 at 2:47 pm #

    Great name and will check em out!

    • aculturedlad October 23, 2011 at 10:23 am #

      You must! They’re a really great band.

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