Album Review: Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls

19 Apr

Personally, I’m not a fan of blues, Eric Clapton or any of that kind of stuff. However; what’s so great about Alabama Shakes is how they breathe a whole ton of fresh air into this somewhat tired genre, that makes it seem far less overbearing and niche. Yet it’s not sugary pop (don’t expect Gotye). If anything it feels more soul inspired and the whole thing conjures up a world of sepia. That can’t be a bad thing.

Front woman Brittany Murphy’s vocal range is outstanding and her responses on some songs brings it all together. Her voice is probably the most in touch with their inspirations and it’s reminiscent of all the greats. Her band have got every riff and rhythm locked and the production feels tight in a way that makes you want to shout and scream along.

It’s honest, expressive and emphatic yet that doesn’t hide the fact that they don’t really know who they are. Maybe they might but it’s hard to understand yourselves when you listen to the album. They’re soulful, but not enough, kind of bluesy but not really and there’s a hint of folk but not enough. Regardless, it’s still damn fine music.

Rating: 8/10


One Response to “Album Review: Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls”

  1. Sonia July 24, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    Cultured Lad – I have been listening to the blues all my life. I have been an (early) Eric C fan as well as the greats from Hendrix, Page, John Mayall, Faces as well as SRV through to Mike Bloomfield not to mention the greats like Buddy Guy and more recently John Mayer (when he plays blues). I am also a huge Skynyrd fan. The point is – blues is what one feels it is It is not something that is typically associated with one artist. This is why I like the Shakes – they are doing the blues their way Long may it continue Thanks for a great review (even if it seems you’re not a blues fan!) Sonia and Mike

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