Album Review: Master of My Make-Believe – Santigold

1 May

Santi White returns with her second album, four years after her hit debut, mainly due to exhaustion she says. But does it live up to the wait? In short, yes.

Her eclectic mix of art pop is back on top form. She hasn’t changed which is something I love about this artist. She doesn’t rely on her image, outlandish press stunts, crazy meat dresses or getting into twitter feuds with other celebrities to get her fame, she earns it. Not only is she the master of her make-believe, she’s the master of her image and her own genre. Words can’t describe what genre this record is. It’s just Santigold. What’s not to love?

Lyrically, she’s as good as ever, with her album kicking off with ‘GO!’ in which she reminds you that she’s never really left (she’s made her mark) and it sets the pace of this fast paced LP that leaves you wanting more every time. ‘This Isn’t Our Parade’ is my highlight of the album with it’s chilled out, fresh, breezy feel. Her own genre is quite crowd pleasing though. Her rapping skills are shown on the incredibly staccato, zany track ‘Look At These Hoes’ which is my least favourite but will easily be someone else’s favourite.

Cool is probably a word used way too often these days. Whether it’s used by tweens and teens on Facebook in every status update or when someone describes the latest action film they saw, it’s used too much. But for Ms. Santi White, it’s needed. She’s embodies cool.

Rating: 8/10

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