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Anton Corbjin: Inwards and Onwards – Exhibition

28 Aug

Upon seeing an advert for this exhibition whilst sitting at a cafe, I wanted to go. I love Corbjin’s photography and all of the music videos he has done are visually stunning with a standout being Talk by Coldplay. Sure, The American wasn’t the best movie ever but it was decent and the photography was superb. All of the pieces can be seen in his book of the same name, but it’s nice to see them in the flesh and to walk through and around them. I bought a poster of the following one showing Gerhard Richter, and there is a lot to get at the museum’s shop.


There are a lot of incredible photos with my favourites including that of Arcade Fire (as well as a separate one of Win and Régine), Bruce Springsteen, PJ Harvey, Tom Waits and many more. There’s something really amazing about the way that Corbjin captures the subjects facial expression so vividly without adding too much drama or intensity to the shot. The pictures are very unique and there’s a lot to see in each one.

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The Art of Hacking: Exhibition

27 Aug

As I said on my twitter (follow me! Link in the right sidebar) I am travelling in Amsterdam at the moment and loving it. I’m blogging from my iPad now and don’t really have the time to blog about stuff, nor much to say! I did find this cool thing which I feel like sharing. It’s an exhibition held at the NIMk that I believe is opening in September but they have some stuff being previewed at the moment and I got some really cool free posters. My favourite one is pictured below saying ‘Hacking is an Attitude’. The exhibition focuses on the artistic side of hacking and the artistic element that the mind goes through. Sounds interesting!


Period Interactive Installation

13 Aug

Felt the need to post this up here because I stumbled upon this today and found it really cool! It must have taken a while to make and I really wish I could see it in the flesh. The piece I’m talking about is called Period by Baillat Cardell & fils for Mutek 2011 taking place in Montreal.

It might not be too everyones taste but I felt the need to do another Art post and found this and was surprisingly intrigued by it. Here is the artists’ vimeo page with a video for the making of this piece as well as others.

Bestial Art Taken Down, thoughts?

6 Aug

I was listening to the radio yesterday and I heard that there was an artwork taken down at a gallery next to the Ritz hotel in London. The reason being that it was inappropriate.

The picture by the late British artist Robert Lenkiewicz depicts bestiality with a goat. Apparently, guests we’re put off their tea or were disgusted upon their check-in to the hotel. So much so, that the Ritz has had to demand that the gallery take it off display. The gallery first argued that it had been put on a revolving platform so there were going to be times where it was not shown to the public. But after parents had companied that their children had been exposed to inappropriate material the gallery decided to take it down. One gallery worker said: ‘It’s interesting watching peoples’ reactions as they walk past. Many can’t believe what they have just seen. He is still creating controversy, even in death.’

Then the debate began on the show, as to whether this was the right thing to do or not. The point on the Ritz’s side is that it has put customers off their tea etc. and it is not something that the public should have to see. The opposing point is that the point of art is that it is supposed to create a reaction, to stir the pot, this is what it is doing.

I can’t make up my mind as to which side I’m on. Thoughts? Comment below!