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.com, Adverts and Charity

18 May

Hi everyone!

I wanted to update all my wonderful readers for making my first months on the internet so fulfilling. It means a lot when you have views, rant about them rather terribly and people pay attention. Thanks to you, I’ve now been eligible to get advertising on my website! Advertising is something I was apprehensive about putting up. It takes away from the blog’s content and makes it feel a bit more commercial. But then I thought, hey, a blogger has to make money too, right? And it also became clear that I could put the money that I make to be put to a good cause. So, I’ve decided that 50% of the money I make will  go towards charity. No, not some slight portion, I mean 50% of the money. Remember, that every time you click an ad, you’re helping a charity. My idea is to change the charity every second month. This month’s charity is going to be getting safe water for 100 people in Haiti, which is going to cost £100. I’m setting the bar low because I don’t know how much money this is going to generate. I will be doing this through Oxfam and to find out more about how it works head on over to

This will all happen over on my new domain

All of these changes should be in place within the next 24 hours.

Thank you so much

Cultured Lad

Check Out This: Fragments of Winter

5 Nov

Twitter, though at times is incredibly silly and pointless, can prove to have its benefits. For instance, this week, I heard about Skyrockets by Fragments of Winter. Without twitter, I might not have, but now I’m spreading the word too.

It’s certainly not something that I would normally listen to but I have to say, I’ve listened to it on more than a couple of occasion. It’s an album that is written, produced and performed by Tristan Irvine and is available as a digital download for only 5 euros. Pretty cheap, right?

Skyrockets is an incredibly atmospheric, unique and artistic record that will be left to interpretation. It’s bombastic and definitely packs a punch. This is something you’ll want to check out. Head on over to the links below for more information.

RIP Steve Jobs – How He Affected Arts and Culture

8 Oct

This week came a huge headline in the news that the once CEO of Apple and co-founder, Steve Jobs, sadly passed away. Anyone who knows me will say that I love Apple a bit too much and it’s been a great loss. Whilst this may be off topic to the topics of this blog I think he has some relevance due to the way in which this man has changed the world a number of times.

To start, this blog is written on my beautiful 13 inch MacBook Pro and sometimes on my ‘magical’ iPad. I listen to a lot of music on all of these devices as well as on the best gadget of all time, the iPod. Where would be without the iPod? I have no clue. This man has affected the way that we watch films, view TV shows, listen to music, buy tickets to the theatre and many other ways. Half of the stuff I do on this blog (meaning the stuff I talk about or review etc.) would not be possible without the true visionary genius that was Steve Jobs. These days we can download an app of a TV Channel and then we watch an episode of our favourite show. We can rent movies through various services on our Macs and then stream them to Apple TV. We can download songs with a push of a button and devour them on our iPods. There’s no question that this man changed the world.

It’s been a sad loss and I’d like to send my condolences to his wife and family in what must be a tough time. The man suffered from pancreatic cancer for a long time and was the cause of his death. He was only 55 years old and clearly had more to give to the world. RIP Steve. Remember, you’re probably reading this post because of him…

RSS Subscription

2 Sep

This is a quick off-topic post to let you know that I have now managed to add RSS Subscription to my blog. If you look in the right hand sidebar there is already an e-mail subscription along with the twitter and Facebook pages and my blogroll. Now I’ve added the RSS subscription thanks to Google Feedburner. Just hit the ‘Subscribe in a reader’ button and it will come to the RSS page with a whole ton of options depending on which web-based reader you use.


Thanks for your time and please subscribe!

One (perfect) Day – Premiere!

24 Aug

Yesterday I had gone to see The Inbetweeners movie (review to follow) and I had a really good time in the morning watching that and going out. I was heading home but then got a text from two friends of mine saying that they were at Westfield and the stars of One Day would come out in half an hour. I immediately rushed to go and was extremely excited. Of course, I had to go home and get my book first because I wanted to get that signed but I had lent mine to a friend. However, in May a friend of mine went on a trip to America and knows that I love the American printing. The paper is better, the spines are flexible and can’t get creased. Geeky, I know, but it’s a fact of life. American books are way better.


I grabbed the book took the tube down and finally met up with my friends who had been there for two hours. They got me a space and there was one of the event managers in front of us. He saw that we were big fans (we are, we LOVE this book) because we all had the book. He took us and seventeen others who were big fans into the circle in the middle of the red carpet!! There was a gated circle in the middle and we got in!!!
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Posting Every Day

21 Aug

I’ve been overdoing it a bit I think. I’ve written one or more posts a day, usually two. It feels like I’m bombarding my few subscribers (please subscribe! RSS subscription coming soon, for now use the email one on the sidebar) with emails of yet one more post. Quality not quantity is what I told myself and it’s something that I’m going to stick to. I won’t be posting every day. That doesn’t mean that I’m not doing this blog any more or that I’m slacking off, I just want to write better posts than more posts. So I’ve decided that I’ll do at least three posts a week. There will be some days where there are a more posts than others or consecutive days where I’ll write something but not all the time. I’m enjoying writing this blog and will definitely continue! But let’s not forget, quality not quantity!

Meeting Catherine Tate!

19 Aug

If you haven’t read any previous posts ever or just in a while then you won’t know that I went and saw Butley at the Duchess Theatre yesterday. It was great! My review was posted yesterday but something else happened that put the icing on the cake.

Before I went into the theatre, I picked up my tickets and went for lunch. It was pouring down with rain and to be honest it was putting me in a bad mood. Finally the time had come to head back to the theatre but I still felt like something to eat. There’s a great cupcake place around the corner near the theatre (Primrose Bakery, it has multiple locations, I highly recommend it) and I come in to the lovely smell of warm chocolate being baked. Mmmmm.
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Leavesden Studios Harry Potter Tour

16 Aug

If you follow my twitter (@aculturedlad linked to on my homepage here) you’ll know that I tweeted the link to this cinemablend article (check out, great movie news website) because I definitely want to spend my money on this. You won’t know this about me already but I absolutely love Harry Potter. This series has been a massive part of my life/childhood yes, I’m a massive fan. Yes, I was one of those saddos that lined up at midnight for the last book, but let me tell you, it was worth it. JK Rowling is an incredible writer and one that I truly admire. The films didn’t disappoint either and add to the fact that I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione as well as all their magical friends. I stumbled upon this article and couldn’t help but get excited.

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick/Griphook) were at the Empire Big Screen event two days ago to announce that tickets will go on sale this October 13 to tour through Leavesden studios where a lot of Warner Brothers movies are made but most importantly the magic of the Harry Potter franchise was created there. This isn’t going to be at all like the Universal Theme Park, this is a tour of the studios, no rides, fancy drinks or anything like that, it’s just a film studio. To be honest, I’d rather go here than the theme park though!
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Do You Feel Sorry for Rebecca Black?

12 Aug

I know this is a bit of a random post but it’s something I felt like writing about. One of the things that I’ve noticed a lot on twitter this week is that Rebecca Black, artist of the incredibly viral song Friday as well as her newest song My Moment (far less annoying) was taken out of school by her parents because of bullying. It was said that classmates teased her about it too much and she couldn’t deal with it any longer so she left.

Now the other side of the story is that her parents paid Ark Music Factory (the company who recorded the song and video) over $4000 to make this song and turn it into an overnight success. After all the comments of abuse came in, they sued Ark Music for exploiting their daughter but didn’t they kind of ask for it? By April the video had gained over 100 million views on YouTube but it had to be taken down because of the lawsuit. Black said to Fox News that if she would walk by in a corridor they would say ‘oh hey Rebecca, guess what day it is’ and then snigger.

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