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Album Review: Master of My Make-Believe – Santigold

1 May

Santi White returns with her second album, four years after her hit debut, mainly due to exhaustion she says. But does it live up to the wait? In short, yes.

Her eclectic mix of art pop is back on top form. She hasn’t changed which is something I love about this artist. She doesn’t rely on her image, outlandish press stunts, crazy meat dresses or getting into twitter feuds with other celebrities to get her fame, she earns it. Not only is she the master of her make-believe, she’s the master of her image and her own genre. Words can’t describe what genre this record is. It’s just Santigold. What’s not to love?
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Album Review: Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls

19 Apr

Personally, I’m not a fan of blues, Eric Clapton or any of that kind of stuff. However; what’s so great about Alabama Shakes is how they breathe a whole ton of fresh air into this somewhat tired genre, that makes it seem far less overbearing and niche. Yet it’s not sugary pop (don’t expect Gotye). If anything it feels more soul inspired and the whole thing conjures up a world of sepia. That can’t be a bad thing.

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Grammy Nominations 2012 Reaction

6 Dec

I know, this post is quite late but I want to express my views on it and have a little rant with the world. Last week the long awaited Grammy anominatipons were announced. There were some surprises, some obvious choices and some choices that made me realise why I hate the Grammys.


As I suspected, Adele was nominated for some big ones but to my surprise only six. Nevertheless, she did get six but still, I expected more. Kanye West actually led the nominations with seven, but surprisingly the only major one that he is nominated for is Best Song with All of the Lgihts. I am not a rap fan, I hate a lot of rap that comes out today but there is some good rap that is produced and Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was a good example of this. It is going down as one of my favourite rap records of all time along with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Sure, he’s nominated for a lot of the Rap categories but I was expecting at least an Album of the Year nomination.

Adele. After my trip to New York I realised that America loves Adele. I thought they liked her here, but every radio station played her, every person with their iPod out was listening to her. I think that these nominations really aren’t deserved, read my review of 21 to find out why I don’t like her but in short, she has a great voice, but her music is really dull and extremely repetitive. I’ll be posting some predictions in the coming weeks but I’m calling Adele to win quite a few.

Let’s just go through album of the year. Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Lady GaAGa, Adele and the Foo Fighters. Wow. That is the worst lineup of nominees for A LONG, LONG TIME. Seriously? Rihanna? Bruno Mars? Come on, this isn’t music! This is manufactured pop with no thought or originality just some catchy choruses to be played over and over on radio stations. It’s disgusting that these nominees are supposedly the Best Albums of the year. What has happened to America’s view of Music? This is why I respect the Mercury Awards more.

Not even one nominee for Let England Shake. PJ Harvey hasn’t got a single nomination here. That is a disgrace. I’m speechless.

Thank god for Bon Iver, for mixing some, at least, some quality music into the nominations. Holocene has a few nominations and so does the album. I absolutely love Bon Iver and I’m glad that they’re getting some recognition after a lot fo hard work. What I don’t get is that they’re nominated for Best New Artist. For Emma, Forever Ago (one of my favourite albums of all time) came out in 2008?! Hardly new.

The Grammys supposedly show the best of American music and this is it? Disgusting. This is my worst post to date by far purely because I am so annoyed with these nominees that I just need to rant. To summarise, the Grammy’s suck and all they’ve nominated are terrible, generic pop songs that will be forgotten before long. I have no respect for the Grammys.

Album Review: Ceremonials – Florence + The Machine

28 Oct

Florence Welch is amazing. There is no room for argument.

Thanks to Channel 4 and rayofmystery on YouTube I have been able to listen to Ceremonials, the new album from Florence + the Machine, in it’s entirety. Wow. I’m probably not the best person to review this CD because I’m kind of biased towards this band. I absolutely love them. Lungs is definitely on of my favourite albums of all time, it is just spectacular. Whilst everybody told me that my beloved band were going to sell out this can prove them wrong. This album is a perfect follow up.

What’s struck me about Lungs was how dramatic and bold it was. It was versatile but also had something about it that made you say “that’s Florence and the Machine”. Those characteristics haven’t gone away and this album is even more daring and theatrical than the last. Songs such as Never Let Me Go and No Light, No Light (the best on the album in my opinion) come to the same soaring climaxes that we love by her but there’s something new about it too. There isn’t an undercurrent of same old, same old.

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Bombay Bicycle Club Live

21 Oct

I was lucky enough to get tickets to Bombay Bicycle Club tickets over the summer to a show that was on this Wednesday. Let me say, I was incredibly excited to go but this lived up to all expectations. I’ve been a fan for a couple years now but after that show I think I like them even more than before.





Jack Steadman and co. Have really gathered fans well and it showed in the crowd. Staging was done to show those heads from the A Different Kind of Fix (their most recent and my favourite of their albums) cover. Instruments were spaced nicely for the band and nobody tried to outdo anyone else.

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Album Review: Bjork – Biophilia

15 Oct

I wanted to give this album a good listen before I jumped into reviewing it because it’s an extraordinarily broad record that needs a lot of proper ‘listening’. Now I’m ready to write about it.

This is the first iPad album to ever be released. It’s also partially recorded on an iPad. The album has an app that you buy the songs in and then ‘play along’ with it. You tilt and turn and go through abstract shapes and landscapes. That’s not how I personally experienced the album, I was too boring, I just listened to it normally. If it’s meant to be better on the app then I’m going to have to buy it because this album is very impressive.
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Mercury Prize Winner

7 Sep

I’m sure you’ve noticed, if you’ve read my blog before, that I have paid close attention the prestigious Mercury Prize. Among the nominees I had two 10/10 albums. The first was Elbow’s joyous record build a rocket boys! and the second was PJ Harvey’s masterpiece Let England Shake. Many people had the latter down to win, including me. I had Polly down as well as Metronomy or Anna Calvi.

The show was very smooth and there were some great performances. The best one in my opinion was Elbow’s, setting a perfect mood on the show. You must’ve heard by now that Adele was sick and has cancelled some tour dates and that didn’t bother me at all, something that won’t surprise you if you read my review for 21.

Album Review: Bombay Bicycle Club – A Different Kind of Fix

1 Sep

Bombay Bicycle Club have really done well for themselves since 2007. It was in that year that NME named them the ‘hottest band to come from North London for quite some time’. Well that’s definitely something to get hype going. The band have seen a lot of success and something that I think the band have earned. They started seeing success mainly at Reading and Leeds festival (a festival they’ve just played and have appeared there a couple times) and they started to get recognised. Soon after, they released I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose and I loved it. The album is near perfect and you can tell they’re extremely talented and creative. Always Like This, Evening/Morning, Dust on the Ground and more were great songs and if you haven’t checked out this band yet, you really should.

I think I’ve made the message clear. I really, really, really like this band. Flaws was their very good but different acoustic album that displayed their more musical side. It was announced in September 2010 that the band was working on their third record which has finally arrived. It’s lived up to expectations.

The record kicks off on How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep and it’s incredible. It really got me into the feel of this album and it made me remember why I like the band so much. The lyrics leave just as much of an impression as always and the atmosphere is built very well here. Bad Timing is a lot more melodic and I really like it. It’s a song that works very well. At this point it seemed to me that the bare bones of the LP are there and are constructed with a lot of precision.

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Florence + The Machine – New Single

25 Aug

Florence Welch tweeted ‘Hello interworld, I’m out of the studio and into the sunshine! Pop over to my website at 5pm tomorrow for a peek at something very special x’ on the 22nd of August and I couldn’t help but get extremely excited! I loved Lungs, it was a perfect album. For two years I’ve waited for a new album and it’s finally coming.

It was announced via the band’s official website that the new album (title unknown) will be released on November 7th. The band have released the first official single and it is spectacular. Commercially it has done very well, topping the Alternative Chart on iTunes UK and hitting the top 20 on the overall UK Top 40.

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Mercury Prize 2011 Summary

18 Aug

So my 12 day series about the Mercury Prize for Best Album has come to a close. I’ve reviewed all 12 of the nominees but want to do this one post to sort of sum up who I want to win and who will win.

Personally I would love to see elbow win. I know that they probably won’t but to be honest it’s my favourite album of the pack and I love the record’s feel. It’s upbeat, generous and loving. PJ Harvey’s album is pure brilliance and I think that has a great shot at the prize and I would love for it to win. Anna Calvi is the dark horse if you ask me, I really enjoyed her entry and think she actually has a good shot at it.

Adele has been a massive success this year (unfortunately) and if you saw my review, you’ll know that I hated 21. It’s dull and there’s nothing fresh about it. The Mercury’s aren’t like the Oscars in the sense that the Oscars are not the critics. The Mercury’s are and don’t get me wrong, critics liked 21 but they didn’t love it. So I don’t know whether it will win. I hope Tinie Tempah and Katy B don’t win as well as Ghostpoet. Metronomy actually have a good shot at it. They’ve become more known this year and I think that the album’s quite decent.

In short, I’m happy to see elbow, Anna Calvi, PJ Harvey or Metronomy win. Perhaps Adele will snap it up but I hope not!