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84th Oscar Predictions!

26 Feb

It’s that time of year again. The big night! Like I said in my last post my year begins tomorrow, when the Oscars are over and I’ve stopped looking back on the films of last year. Crazy, I know, but that’s just how much of a film lover I am. Here’s a video I put in my top ten list that I have been watching over and over. It’s great and reminds me of what a good year I’ve had. Hopefully you’ll feel the same too!

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Eddie Murphy Hosting The Oscars!?

7 Sep

It was only rumoured for a while that he would host but finally it was formally announced by the AMPAS that he will be hosting the 84th Annual Academy Awards. I don’t know. This doesn’t seem like the obvious choice. The ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ method that they tried to use with Anne Hathaway and James Franco. I very much agreed with the general consensus that they were atrocious. Perhaps it wasn’t all their fault but it was a very dull show. They’ve tried the comedy approach this time which could be a crowd-pleaser but I’m not sure. The other big choice Jerry Seinfeld shows that they were definitely going down the previously mentioned comedy route. Like I said, I’m not sure. What do you think?