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Top Ten Films of 2011

23 Feb

It’s that time of year. The Oscars, and the awards season. Everyone looks back at their favourite films of the year. Maybe this is because I’m a mad film junkie, my year doesn’t begin until The Oscars are over because I’m looking over last year so much. Crazy, I know. Just thought I’d share this great video with you guys. It really reminds me of what a great year I’ve had and how I love cinema. Bring on 2012!

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Movie Review: Midnight in Paris

24 Oct

As soon as the plot was revealed to this movie I couldn’t help but anticipate it rather eagerly. The idea of an American couple going to Paris and not being satisfied with life but always chasing up new things seemed interesting to me. It had to be written well though. Otherwise it would be a pot of clich├ęs and nothing to keep the viewer interested. This kept me interested.


Woody Allen wrote this almost as a love letter to Paris. When being interviewed he said that of he didn’t live in New York it would have to be Paris. Personally, I like Paris a lot. I have nothing against it, it’s a beautiful city. I just have an issue with the way that Paris is portrayed in the media which affects how we view the city.
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